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Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart Act Like NYC Tourists


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Nadja Bender for Anne Sofie Madsen’s S/S 2013 Campaign by Jens Langkjaer
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Oh hai there
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Coming out advice (x)

Anonymous asked:
Don't you think Jesse would like great with a huge beard

Ed Casey? Nathaniel?

No, I do not think he’d look good with a beard. And I’m not into beards. Luckily for me, he doesn’t plan on growing one and I don’t think he could.


I remember one night
When I barely knew you
When I told you of the desert
Behind the jungle
Behind the barn of my old house

And you told me of the Kool-Aid
(Or rather, water
Plus food color
Since you were poor)
That your mother would give you
And you and your brothers
Would fly o’er…

Canvas  by  andbamnan